Have you been told not to love so fast? Or that true love takes longer time to happen. The truth is – ‘situationships’ (almost relationship) can hurt just as much as real relationships because the connection isn’t measured in time. When your heart connects with someone, it connects right or wrong. Sometimes, the depth is fostered over the years, other times you just meet someone for a short period of time and you know they are going to mean something to you. You know they are going to care. There are no rules to the matters of the heart.

But the hardest lesson you will ever learn is that – you don’t have all the answers. Things might not always work out as we thought. Some chapters of our lives end before we even realize it was never our novel to read, sometimes we are prepared for the end most times they end abruptly. What we don’t often realise is that those endings beget self closure. So when we lose a chapter in our lives, remember disappointments can be blessings in disguise.

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So when you are grieving and holding all this hurt with you, because no one seems to want the love you give – all-consuming, fierce, babyish, beautiful, full – be thankful they left because you deserve a real relationship and not an almost relationship. If someone can’t reciprocate the same level of love you give, you deserve someone who can.

Because the right person will be consistent. The right person will put forth the appropriate amount of effort. The right person will make everything feel easy, natural. Almosts aren’t natural. The right person will make your heart leap. You have all of this love and feeling, and you are trying to give it to someone who doesn’t deserve it. You are trying to prove a point that doesn’t exist. You are trying to convince a person that you are worthy of being chosen. Stop it! The right person will choose you. The right person will stay.

Tell yourself that you deserve to be with someone who is excited to have you, someone that is excited to commit to you, and dive into something concrete and foundational with you. You deserve someone who wants the same things, someone who wants to meet all of your hope with action. Someone who sees you. Someone who isn’t afraid of being responsible for your heart. Someone who embraces it.