A lot of people have so many misconceptions about me, even YOU. Glad you are here it means you want to know me better. I am a perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover because the more you look the less you see.

Let’s take a little step closer and get to know me better!! Me is ADAEZE, ADAEZE is me (laughs). My name is Adaeze (pronounced ah-dah-eh-zeh). Guess you can call me a writer, but I don’t think I am one. Kindly forgive all the errors you may find on my blog.

I can’t think of anything than to say I am everything my name ‘Adaeze’ stands for. (Adaeze is of the African Igbo origin which means “first daughter of a king”). Yes plea…se, call that name again, but this time with some respect! Lol

I am wonderfully made, crafted from the finest of God’s tools. I am resilient. I am strong. I am confident. I am sapiosexual. I am blessed. And I bask in the euphoria of God’s everlasting love. How Divine!!

I am a strong believer of God’s amazing love. I believe there is a God and the world would be a better place when every heart radiates with His love. Guarding our heart is paramount because it sums a chunk of who we are on the outside. So I guard and protect my heart jealously, taking out the weeds for the plant to blossom.

Amidst the looming darkness in life’s busyness, we need to find ways to stay connected to what matters most and to reclaim what often gets lost in the swirl of day-to-day activities: qualities such as, sweetness, positivity, creativity, joy, humor, gratitude, and love. So I strive as hard as I can to shed a little light here and there.

Erm, one thing is I have edited this profile many times. Just when I think I know who/what I am, I evolve again. So I’m on this journey to discover the real “who” and the “what” about me. Stay with me as I reveal bits of my discovery on each post . . .


I believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

I love God.

I love love.

I love people.

I am a sucker for kids.

I am inspired by creativity.

I am inspired by misfits.

I believe dreams come true.

I appreciate natural beauty.

I love to have fun.

I smile alot.

I hate laziness.

I pray to wake up in heaven when I die. 


Here goes the story:

I have received lots of No(s) than Yes(s). I have always wanted to share my two cents, the thought of expressing my feelings via YouTube crossed my mind and tried it but the absence of necessary gadgets made it impossible.

So, I started to write my words in paper but it wasn’t fast enough. I lost some of my writings, no thanks to rats!! Social media was also a good help but my words were always reduced because the numbers were more!! I started using my office laptop to write more and one day playfully I opened a blog (can’t even remember the URL).

One day, my boss called me to his office and said, “Ada you can’t own a blog and still write for me”. I left his office but couldn’t resign because I needed the salary. 

I was restless. Desperate for a release. See when the heart is set aflame, it seeks the places for its explosions. I’ve got a heart which is so turned up and needs all channels for the energy!

It’s like when you’ve got fire in your bones, butterflies in your stomach, and maybe even elephants in your behind. You can’t be still. You can’t afford to sit at a place. You just can’t keep quiet. No way!

So I called a friend and told him I wanted a website. A home I can express myself. A home I can showcase my craziness. A home I can tell all these stories eating me up from inside out and boom he started. I remember I had a serious fight with my dad because I invited him to the house to work. Nothing was going to stop me this time around, family or not.

Voila, here we are today. Sharing is living! My comment section is solid affirmation that I am on the right path & I am inspiring someone out there with my error filled stories (covers face). Cheers to more write ups because the best is yet to come. 💃💃💃

Welcome to my verbally expressed world!! Loosen your belt and enjoy great stories from my personal life, travels, imaginations, lifestyle and more. I am a little extra here and I hope every reader leaves my blog inspired!!

What Does ADAEZE DO Exactly?

I am a mediapreneur. I am a content creator. I curate content for TV, prints and social media. I am a humanitarian (Dezeana Foundation). I am a serial entrepreneur (Dezeana Mall, Dezeana Hair, Dezeana Food, Dezeana Errands). I am a Public Relations specialist (Zeenak Media Agency). I am a social media manager (AlexxEkuboWivesAssociation) Wow!!! 

I’m a TV Producer, a media consultant, a creative writer, a freelance writer, a red carpet diva, a great co-host (shyness won’t allow me host alone),  a relationship guider (I don’t even know what this means but in simple English, people come to with their relationship troubles and I give them reasonable advice). Simply put, I’m an outstanding media personality.

Work With Me

Do you own a blog or organization and you need a succinct writer then search no more. 

Have an event coming up soon and you press men (from TV,  radio, print, bloggers, social media influencers) to grace your event, then holla at me.

I am always on the out for media projects and collaborations.

Do you need someone to talk to? Do you just want to pour out your heart? I’ll be here.


“I’m not there yet. But I’m not where I used to be.”

Twitter- @ada_anaekwe

Instagram- @ada_anaekwe

LinkedIn- Adaeze Anaekwe 

Email- anaekweadaeze@gmail.com

WhatsApp- 08136020476 (strictly for business, please go straight to the point) 🥰🥰🥰

What Else?

Oh! Let’s say this prayer together:

Dear Lord, I thank you for my blog, and allowing me to write. So that I may bless others as I walk by faith not sight. I only ask that as I do so, my focus would not be to gain a multitude of followers, but just to follow Thee. May my delight not be in each person who subscribes but as my heart submits to you, seek an eternal prize. While my header may be pretty, fashionable and sweet, You are Head of this site; it’s You whom visitors greet. Teach me as I compile each post, thinking of another that each posts may influence every reader positively, for we pray in Jesus name, Amen. 

I’m excited to meet you! I want to know this person who, being so curious to know me, was patient enough to read this looooong “about me” page. It would be a pleasure to connect these rays with yours. My heart smiles at you right now and will always love to hear from you.

Small expo: Play a Christian song to get me out of a bad mood 😜😜.

Few Bad Habits:

I bite my nails.

I suck my lips.

I get bored easily.

I hardly read my WhatsApp messages (Tell me your needs in one or two paragraphs, GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT).

Many thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me.