Eyebrows raised! Tongues are ready to be wagged! Negative comments are ‘maybe’ piling up! What will she bring to the table after all the backlash and the no-nonsense review?

These and more are some of the reactions you get when you grow from a film critic to a filmmaker.

When I got the hint that @adenikeadebayo was starting her Web Series, I said ‘Na wa oo this babe no dey rest’, but then again it is Nike we are talking about here. The Analyser!! I knew she wouldn’t fall hand. She would constantly whet our appetite with noteworthy behind the scenes pictures on Instagram and I couldn’t wait for the trailer. Voila!

We have the trailer of ‘360 with Abby’ and I am excited about this one. I feel like there is going to be a twist somewhere in the Series, but what do you expect when you have the brilliant writer @mosesakerele as the Screenwriter.

Here’s what I deduced from the trailer of “360 With Abby”…

It tells the story of a vlogger, Abiona (Abby), whom we later discovered was epileptic. Hmmmm!!! She is torn between finding love and accepting her condition.


Let’s take a break guys, epilepsy is a disorder in the brain that causes seizure and loss of consciousness! I know right! How can a beautiful Vlogger be down with epilepsy?

Haba Adenike and Moses! You guys should have looked for another illness na. How will she find love in that condition knowing that Nigeria is a society filled with so much stigmatization. I just can’t wait to see how this plays out. Anyways lets continue.

So Abby has a mother who understands her kind of job and supports her. In Abby’s voice, “meet my mom she is super cool”. And then her friend Yemi who is always trying to hook her up with guys…

Hold on guys, does Yemi know Abby has epilepsy?

Hmmmmm! This Series is gonna be something else.

Then, the guy who suddenly takes her breath away, reminded her of her condition. What happened to both of them? Did she find love? Did they end up together? Did she die? Did she remain lonely? What became of her Vlog? Was she just suffering and smiling?

Our fingers are crossed till Thursday, August 30th, 2018 when this intriguing and suspense filled web series hits @adenikeadebayo YouTube Channel.

‘360 with Abby’ is created, produced and directed by Adenike Adebayo-Esho, and written and co-produced by Moses Akerele. The web series features Ariyike Dimples, Michael Ejoor, David B, Omobola Akinde and Olawande Adetula.

By Adaeze Anaekwe.