Abused as a child (story for another day), it explains why I am drawn to kids especially the less privileged ones. I always knew that a time would come where I will be prompted to tell my story one way or the other. 

Overtime I have learnt to be intentional with everything I do. Wait for my time, pray about everything and anything, learn from everyone.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. Ecclesiastes 3

The trauma after child abuse isn’t something you just grow out of, it takes patience and lot of time to learn to control the triggers. I still struggle with my triggers hence the reason to always write or look for different means to ease the uproar in my stomach.

In the light of telling my story, I launched my foundation, ‘Dezeana Foundation‘, with the slogan ‘Parents pay Attention Your Kids’, on February Friday 21, 2020. Dezeana Foundation is a true life journey. It speaks TRUTH, INDIVIDUALITY, and ACCEPTANCE.

TRUTH – My true story.

INDIVIDUALITY – Knowing and understanding that every child has his or her own unique features.

ACCEPTANCEΒ  – Loving your child completely. NO comparison.

Dezeana is coined from my name aDAEZE ANAaekwe while the slogan is only pertinent since I had no one to talk to about my abuse while growing up. ‘Parents paying attention to their kids doesn’t always mean providing for them or scolding their kids when they do something wrong.

Attention means the act or state of applying the mind to something. Provision is a duty while attention is an act.

Dezeana Foundation was created to educate parents on the importance of child attentiveness, effect of negligence on a child and serve as a voice to the voiceless. To kick-start this movement, we visited Nimo Motherless Babies Home in Anambra State to share food items and toiletries to infants. Afterall, charity they say begins at home. 

See pictures from the outreach:

I am proud of myself and I pray God uses Dezeana Foundation to reach and touch more lives out there, in Jesus name, Amen.

Remember, we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. Spread Love Always.

Peace and Love!