I sucked like I never had, he tasted so sweet.πŸ™ˆ My mouth swallowed all of him and I choked continuously. He grabbed my head & whined his waist to the rhythm of my thrust!! I have never felt that way in forever!😜 I got carried away & went lower – he moaned so hard & gave me more entrance & I felt like the boss. I was doing all these to a guy, jeeez… His legs were in the air & I began to finger him.. He moaned loudly, calling my name.. I licked up & down..πŸ˜› ….. ΒΆΒΆΒΆΒΆ ££ –

β€˜Oh baby, oh babes, I want your tongue in there’, I followed suit and fucked him with my tongue. He squirmed and I went in deeper. My saliva filled his balls & I sucked his eggs hungrily, now he is panting, shaking & squeezing my nipples so hard. Oh gush, such painful pleasure, I moaned while my tongue went back to his ass holeπŸ˜›. Our sexual senses were heightened. He grabbed me by my boobs & my mouth was on his dπŸ†ck again, sucking & choking.. …. ΒΆ

He lifted my head & I licked his navel while he placed his dπŸ†ck in between my already wet tits. I tried to reach for the cap of his dπŸ†ck as he thrusts but I fail in every attempt, β€˜babes is this your first time’ I nodded affirmatively. He kissed my forehead saying β€˜don’t worry I’ll guide you’. I tried again & this time he held my head down thrusting slower while my lips caught his sex organ. I smiled & he went faster.. I have never felt such rush before from a man f*cking my boobs. I moaned while I sucked his nipples. β€˜Oh babes you are driving me crazy’ he kept on saying… .

To be continued… .. #AdaezeWritesπŸ“πŸ“

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