Zinah was so horny! She hadn’t had s*x with Murphy in a long while. His thoughts drove her krazy! She remembered his touch, the way he quietly moans & she knew she had to reach out. He wouldn’t pick up her calls! But she had to think, Preeq dey hungry am, not just any Preeq but Murphy’s!! She locked the doors undressed and took dirty pictures of herself 😝 –

She sent them to him on WhatsApp and he replies, β€œcome over to the house I want to f*ck up. She dressed up and arrived at his place. He asked her to prepare noodles for dinner, she did and they both ate. She took her shower sat on the couch and he said, β€˜babes come sit with me’. She sat and he grabbed her boobs and sucked them passionately! β€˜Oh Murphy, how do you do that? They began to kiss and he squeezed her ass. She could her him breathe. β€˜Let’s go inside’, he said. πŸ‘­ –

She laid on the bed and he kissed her all over, she wanted a taste of him, so she pushed him on the bed and sucked his πŸ† and ⚽, she could his soft moans. Then she went lower just like he likes it and sucked his asshole, he wriggled and open his legs wider, she sucked like never before. β€˜I am going to f*ck u all night long’. She kissed his hips, turned him aside & rained kisses on his ass while she teased his asshole with her finger. πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ –

He pushed her away and raised her azz before she could position properly he was already banging her, harder & faster than ever. She screamed out, she was dripping & he went deeper. I’mma f*ck you all night long. She was vibrating! β€˜Yes keep coming, keep coming’, he said. He removed his πŸ† then he kissed her ass & he began to suck her, Zinah couldn’t hold it anymore, β€˜I want to pee’, she said. β€˜Pee in my mouth’, he replied. He continued sucking & fingering her & she screamed out squirting!! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ –

He laid her down then he slide his πŸ† inside her, he thrust, kissed her neck & ears and she moaned loudly saying, β€˜Murphy can you feel that, your πŸ† is inside, you are the beat, I miss you baby’. She could feel his πŸ† harden. β€˜I know you miss me, you are so sweet, so wet’. He went deeper. She cried out his name. He put his finger in her mouth to silence her & asked her to suck it. Such sensuality!! She sucked his finger while he banged harder. -😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

β€˜Pls come inside me’, she begged. β€˜Pls Murphy don’t bring it out’, she said vibrating. Yes Zinah, keep coming. My πŸ†is all yours, come for me. Come on my πŸ†.. Wow so juicy!! β€˜Oh Murphy, Murphy pls, Murphy plssssss, pls Murphy but he wouldn’t listen he was harder than ever and she could feel his πŸ†in her tummy. Murrrrrppphhy pls don’t stop. Pour it inside. He grabbed her boobs and squeezed tightly. He was panting, he was f*cking, he was shaking, Ziiiiinnnnahh… Ziiinnnnahhh.. Yes baby come inside. Ziiiiinnnnahh and then collapsed on her body, kissed her back, neck and ears. 😘😘😘😘😘 Let’s go take a shower, bring your phat ass along. I am not done with you, he said. 😝😝😝😱😱😱😱

The End!!!