The days were dark
Sadness and depression
almost took over
I knew deep down I was
worth more
Why wasn’t I appreciated?
What wasn’t I doing right?

I picked up my pen to write
But the words wouldn’t flow
I knew the words in my heart
But couldn’t scribble it down.
I have been feeling this way
For weeks now.

I became comfortable in
My pain
I started covering it up with
Makeups and the vanity of
Social media became my bestie
My empty stomach I covered
With clothes
My family calls I barred
I was alone and comfortable
In my stagnancy

I knew I had to to do something
What do I do?
I called friends, mentors and
Family and everyone said, ‘Ada, you worth more’!! What were they seeing that I wasn’t?
I was hungry and angry. I picked up my
And I wrote and I wrote and I wrote! Shit
I was worth more!
I was worth more!!

Then he calls me and said
you are good but
you relax sometimes!
I said yes but I want to
move forward!