In a highly connected era where fans can easily and directly interact with famous people online, long-standing parasocial relationships have intensified and become increasingly complex to navigate.

Few of us had entertained the idea that we might soon interact with celebrities in the same digital spaces where we conducted our social lives. And this was how the Alexx Ekubo Wives Association started.

This group which started out as just a regular fan page has grown into a strong ‘army of wives’ in allegiance to the famous Method actor, Alexx Ekubo.

With the advent of fan pages, celebrities and mere mortals share their lives on the same platforms, there is an asymmetrical feeling of intimacy: the fan can follow the celebrity with great attention, and the celebrity can broadcast their life without giving a thought to the massive public audience at the receiving end. 

With the old hurdles of gaining access to celebrities removed, fans have an unprecedented sense of connection to the private lives of their idols. And while some fans use this access to lavish praise, there are also those who use it to demand the direct attention of celebrities.

It’s amazing how the love of one man will bring different women from every part of the world together and form a 50k wives association page on Instagram. 

He is a man of many talents, from television to movies, music videos to memorable interviews; Alexx Ekubo can do it all. Sing, dance, act, he really is the definition of ‘the triple threat’.

“The multi-talented Nollywood actor is one of the superstar celebrities who is blessed with good looks and charming smile. Often times, he has women swooning over him which probably necessitated setting up an official group for fans and distant admirers tagged as Alexx Ekubo Wives Association, said the creator, Adaeze Anaekwe. 

Growing bigger and faster than just a mere fan page, the  association is set to launch its foundation next year, which is geared towards the girl child, rape victims, widows and less privileged at large. 

Sometimes, forming an emotional bond of sorts with an actor or other celebrity, is usually fueled by absorbing media pertaining to them through the web, television or a tattered copy of our favorite novel, which reaffirms our end of the relationship without their being any actual reciprocity from the object of our affections, most times. 

But this is not always the case with Alexx as he is always shown unhesitant care and support towards his wives and the cause behind the group. It’s not always necessarily a bad thing to develop these intense—if not entirely one-sided—relationships to characters or celebrities, however.

“We Are Alexx Ekubo Wives Association and we are proudly in support of everything that concerns the Alexx Ekubo brand. We are not just the regular fan page you see on Instagram, we have a higher vision and we working tirelessly towards it. Just follow us on Instagram and you will find out more,” said Adaeze Anaekwe.