ey troublemaker, thank you for not throwing the habit of jotting your feelings down at midnight, see how far it has brought us. But you should have thrown your midnight mouth-sucking, now it’s hard to stop especially when I am alone. 

Shut your ears to everyone who called you bad names like dirty girl, troublemaker, ugly, spoilt brat and others. Don’t let their words define you. Please, speak more, I know writing is your best means of expression but you have to find your voice else manipulators out here will ride on you. 

I am writing this letter to you from my one room self-contained apartment. Yes, you’ve finally gotten the privacy you craved for but start now. Don’t wait for perfection. You see that house you think is just too much stress because of the chores, please enjoy it because right now you are missing the troubles and laughter of your brothers. 

Dear younger self, you are beautiful! You are a leader. You are a mentor! Don’t let anyone make you feel less of the gorgeous woman that you are. Leave the make-ups alone, you hate them right now. You can’t even draw a straight brow. Focus on your intelligence and writings, it’s the most beautiful asset you have. 

Easy on yourself, my dear. Don’t cry so much at night about the abuse. It wasn’t your fault. Stop fighting and insulting everyone, it’s not the best way to express yourself. Don’t trust too much or speak to strangers, evil exists. Forgive mum and dad for not paying attention, they too were fighting their own battles. Forgive yourself also. Don’t dwell on the past so much. Guess what, right now your mistakes don’t define you rather they have made you everyone’s favorite and @dezeana_foundation is a good proof of the bad experiences you had. Your dream of having 24 kids is gradually coming to fulfilment with the Foundation. 

Ah yes, don’t stop fantasizing, about making it to the big screens, you are sought-after now. Keep reading those newspapers infront the mirror. Please stay far away from firewood and dust, the asthma attacks now are very scary and painful. 

Soft pedal on this love thing, those who promised you heaven and earth are nowhere to be found right now. Sex is not love, my dear. Please, don’t lose yourself for any man. Don’t allow any man to make you feel less than who you are. Be wise. Patriarchy is not always right. Most importantly, stay far away from Leo zodiac sign men, a handful of them are just manipulators and ‘brostitutes’. The right man will come dear. Just focus on your career and studies and he will come when you least expect. All you have now is just YOU.

Read, Read, Read! Audio books, soft copy, hard copy read books. Don’t stop writing those new words down & studying them. Don’t change your style of writing, your simple use of diction connects you better with your followers. Don’t purchase when you can buy. Stop trying to impress anyone, you made A’s in writing courses in University. Don’t waste all your time on Facebook doing nothing rather grow your network and post reasonable contents. Share your writings. It will open unimaginable doors for you.

Don’t just exist, Live!! Stop being so scared, have fun. Be less rude. Enjoy your small circle to the fullest. Choose wise friends. Pray less in Pidgin English (your older self can’t stop). Save more money. Love your body (it’s super sexy). Be confident. You are beautiful. Embrace your craziness it’s your unique selling point. 

Love always 

Your older self.