You probably hate me! I know and I am sorry! Many people are always grossed out by the thought of you. The way you smell and how weirdly shaped you are but you never fail to do your task no matter how weak you are. You do such an important task but it’s mostly through a disgusting and awful path. You do your job right and we wouldn’t be what we are without you.

So, I just wanted to write to you in appreciation for all of your hard work. You have done so much for me the past years we have been in each other’s lives. The reliability, perseverance and kindness you have shown me has not gone unnoticed by me. 

Thank you for everything you do. Thanks for letting me walk so many miles and for being with me through every dance I’ve ever done. Thanks for not falling apart, even though I put you through a lot. (I trip a lot, so it’s kind of a miracle that I haven’t broken any toes yet.) Thanks for being with me every step of the way. You are my most prized possessions, and I am lucky to have you. The places couldn’t have been better, the people couldn’t have been nicer and you couldn’t have been more supportive.

I’ve crammed you into heels and shushed you as you cried in pain as we have walked together.  You have provided a stable platform for me to walk, run and enjoy life. You have put up with a lot of discomfort in order to wear cute shoes. 

But most of all; my dear sweet size 12s – you have likely saved me a ton of money! I shudder to think what might have happened had you been size 7 or 8 – heaven forbid! If the cornucopia of adorable shoes that is laid before me on a daily basis both online and in stores were to have sizes that fit me – I would surely starve to death for lack of funds, having spent all available resources on amazing 4 and 5” heels with cute straps and embellishments. 

I would be one of those girls that would need a closet – just for her shoes! But alas, you have forced me to be practical. The options available for girls with giant feet are slim indeed. 

Oh the places and adventures that are in the future of us, feet, I can’t wait to see and experience and learn! The bond we have together will guarantee any place will be a great place to be!

Enjoy the pamper you are getting today, it’s truly well deserved!! You’ve been good to me. You deserve some TLC in return. Accept my apologies dear feet of mine for not doing this TLC for the past 26years!.

But couldn’t we have still done that stuff in a size 7? Just sayin’.