I knew I had to be consistent with my jogging else losing weight would just end in my thoughts. I reluctantly dragged myself out of my bed, dressed up in my body fitted tracksuit, brushed my teeth then I hit the road. The cold breeze hit my face and I could feel my nipples hardened. It has been so long they were sucked – 5 months now if I were not mistaken. I pressed it softly and adjusted my bra.

I was now close to Pekas Hotel and I decided to slow down. Ladies displayed their cleavage and azz for the generous available customer. I was passed them now, so I picked up my pace, then I heard a calm masculine voice, β€˜damn pretty ladies, but hey life is a bitch’. β€˜Its no excuse’, I replied. β€˜Here comes another pretentious saint’, he said. Now, I am angry so I doubled my pace and he followed. Why today when I don’t have my earpiece on.😑 ___

I knew I had to get away from this annoying and shallow minded dude. I jogged faster. I could feel my chest tighten but I had to continue. β€˜damn babes you’ve got an azz to die for’. I ignored him. β€˜My name is Moses and I apologize for what I said earlier’.😏 β€˜Oh God please not now, not now’ I slowed down trying to catch my breath. β€˜Babes what is it?’. I tried to explain but no words came out instead I wheezed loudly.

My asthma attack was here again. β€˜Oh shit, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, calm down, breath slowly,’ he kept on saying. He carried me & walked fast. I felt safe on his strong broad chest. I moved my head and my wet nose was on his nipples, he smiled at me & I looked away. β€˜Where are we going?, I asked tiredly.

β€˜Hey babes’, he shooked me & I opened my eyes slowly. We were obviously in his house. He sat down and placed my head on his laps and placed a sheet mixed with honey and olive oil on my nose, asking me to inhale. I could feel his arms on my boobs & my nipples were not helping matters. Thank God I wore a sport bra. He looked at me and smiled mischievously. Oh No, did he feel my hard nipples!!! He gave me warm water to drink, I drank and coughed. I tried sitting up then my hands touched his d🎐ck, oooopps!! I quickly removed it but he took my hands back there. God! they were massive..

In your head!! In your heart!! With my mic and my pen!!