Have you ever been in a dilemma of thoughts? You know that moment when you are just finding it difficult to make a decision or outrightly confused.

Have you ever felt like you were just following the crowd? You know you think you have a direction but deep down you know it’s all a lie.

Have you ever wanted to start over but pressing the reset button becomes the hardest thing ever? You know going in circles never finding an end.

Have you ever looked at what’s yours and regret why you ever had it? You know stabbing friends and yourself at the back just to get noticed.

Have you ever wanted something so bad but life keeps proving that it’s in control? You know making plans but God has better ones.

Have you ever wondered if God truly exists? You know seeing every other person smile but yours comes forcefully.

Have you ever questioned and doubted your abilities? You know popularly known as the strongest but deep down a frail heart struggles to move.

Have you ever found expressions costly? You know using what you have to get what you want – job, love, happiness – everything good.

Have you ever hated yourself? You know giving but never receiving. Having your heart broken a million and one times, ‘your friends’ abandoning you, family neglecting you.

Have you ever felt like the weight was too heavy? You know settling responsibilities you never prepared for – automated duty.

Have ever felt things words can’t describe? I want to let you know that you are not alone and rather than quitting, take all the breaks you need, re-strategize, activate then come back with a bang. Starting over is a powerful practice. It’s a more effective way to achieve your goal than constantly fixating on it.

I have decided to ignore all my fears and START OVER!!! Kindly join me on this journey. I evolve, so nothing is stable here (promise to try to maintain stability).

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Let’s explore together!!!