Emotional surge! Thoughts! Memories! Heartbreaks! Disappointments! Debts! All these and more were the reason I couldn’t stop crying yesterday night. I wished for some many things and I remember a dear friend would always tell me, ‘Ada stop worrying about things you can’t control’. Amidst my tears, I opened my music playlist, played a Nathaniel Bassey Collection I had downloaded days before and picked my notepad and started writing positive sayings to myself. Here’s what I wrote:

Adaeze, I hope you know that at the end light will come. I hope you learn to trust. I hope you know that it is okay to cry. I hope you know that it okay to sometimes let your guard down. I hope you know that you don’t always have to be strong. I hope you know that someday your empty plate will be filled.

I hope you know that your broken heart will be healed. I hope you find strength when you get disappointed. I hope you control yourself when failed expectation happens. I hope you know that being broke is not the end of the world. I hope you see the love right in front of you.

I hope you learn to celebrate your small victories. I hope you think things through before saying Yes. I hope you find your voice irrespective of your choked throat. I hope you truly enjoy your talent. I hope you never have to blame yourself for the wrongdoings of others.

I hope you never see yourself through the perspective of those who don’t value you. I hope you never have to scrutinize your worth, graciousness or beauty. I hope you never let people drive you into doing things you would prefer not to do or remaining with somebody who isn’t treating you right or staying at a job you hate. I hope you don’t let their pressure stop you from following your gut or your heart or whatever your intuition is telling you to do. I hope you never let the way someone treats you like trash, shake your confidence or your self-esteem.

I hope you always find the courage to leave situations that no longer serve you or people who make you feel unloved or unwanted or not good enough. There may be a lot of lessons you still need to find out about yourself and about life, but the one lesson that you should learn is to never see yourself through the lens of those who don’t value you. There’s a place out there for you and there are people out there who can value all that you bring to the table and what wasn’t sufficient for one individual will be more than enough for someone else.

How do you stay strong when life throws its challenges at you? I will love to read your opinions please share with me via the comment section. Let me also know what you think about this article generally.

In your heart, In your head, With my words.