Am I 16 or what?! Relax, Ada you are a grown woman! But I can’t help it! I feel like I am floating! I find myself smiling a lot to myself these days! I have suddenly replaced my Igbo highlife songs to RnB songs! ‘Like I Do’ by Nigeria’s new sensation, Fireboy and ‘I’m In Love’ by Patoranking are on repeat on my playlist. 

Love indeed comes with so much joy and peace of mind. I hitherto thought finding true love again was a long lost shot. Friends said, “Ada, love is going to take you by surprise. The real stuff always does. You’ll be surprised at who it happens with. You’ll be surprised about how it unfolds. You’ll be surprised that love feels nothing like the way you remember it and yet there it is – a new and completely different beast”.

Yes, guys I am in love and I found it in the strangest place. I have found a love that I deserve – pure, alive, patient, honest, peaceful and transparent. 

The kind of love that helps me love myself just by being loved so beautifully by another person. He gives the kind of love that is so passionate, so genuine, and so real that just being in his presence makes me feel invincible. He loves my flaws and my demons. 

The kind of love that I think about when I wake up and the kind of love that I think about when I go to bed. I was always the kind of girl that didn’t enjoy being overwhelmed by love. Until I met him. He brings the kind of love that never gets old. You know that kind of love that leaves letters on your bed explaining their love for you just because. (covers face🥰).

I didn’t fall in love, I didn’t lose myself in someone else—I rose in love and found myself—I made an active decision to let him in despite my fears. My best decision yet.

I am going to enjoy every moment for as long as we last. I am going to keep writing about my feelings. I am going to keep making noise about how special he makes me feel.

So brave yourself readers, because this journey just started and it ain’t ending anytime soon.

We March’ed🥰🥰. I LOVE YOU BABY!!